Bournemouth’s history as an English seaside resort stretches back centuries and there is no sign of its popularity abating in modern times. Speaking at the Hermitage Hotel, a local 4-star establishment that is right by the sea, a hospitality industry expert said that one of the reasons it remains so popular with visitors from all over the country is the fact that there are so many interesting things to see and do in the area. “For a town with a population of under 200,000, Bournemouth has an amazing variety of attractions and I believe it is this fact, together with the first class hotels the town has to offer, that has helped it to retain its position as one of Britain’s favourite seaside resorts.

“Whilst many less fortunate coastal towns have fallen into a state of disrepair, Bournemouth has gone from strength to strength. We can only hope that the once popular seaside resorts in Lincolnshire, Lancashire and other parts of the country will soon be restored to their former glory and join us in celebrating the great British seaside holiday tradition every year. More competition can only be a good thing as it will lead to more variety and better value for money for British holidaymakers.”

In the meantime, if you should decide to visit Bournemouth this year, check out the following list of cracking things to see and do whilst you are there.

1. Walking in the Gardens – If you have never had the pleasure of taking a morning constitutional in Bournemouth’s Victorian Gardens, you are in for a real treat. You can either start near the pier, which would be the logical thing to do if you were staying at the aforementioned Hermitage Hotel, and work your way up to the more tranquil end by the Coy Pond (the Upper Gardens), or follow the same route in reverse.

2. Indoor& Outdoor Paintballing Games – For the more adventurous visitor who would prefer to work up a sweat whilst attempting to shoot his or her friends and family, the local paintball arenas provide the perfect opportunity to let off some steam and have great fun at the same time.

3. A Trip to Bournemouth Aquarium – A visit to the Oceanarium can easily be combined with a day at the beach as it is located just behind the promenade, right by the seafront. In addition to the many colourful fish that are housed in the various biotopes, you will find crocodiles, turtles and even penguins.

4. Shopping in the Arcade – Recreate the days when ladies and gentleman shopped in the precursors to the modern mall, with a visit to Bournemouth’s very own Victorian arcade.

5. A Flight of Fancy – Rising slowly to an altitude of 500 feet, the Bournemouth Balloon offers breath-taking views from its enclosed gondola.

With all the attractions that Bournemouth has to offer, along with top quality accommodation and numerous first-class restaurants, it is sure to remain a favourite among British holidaymakers for many years to come.

I 've notice several things going on which are not so safe and I'd like to address one of them. There's absolutely no way I can cover every dangerous practice I see but I do expect I can assist you to have an enjoyable and safe summer experience that is driving. It does not require much to believe a bit before doing something that could cost your life or the life of someone else.

The thing I would like to address is passing on the shoulder that is correct whether there's a traffic back up or not. I appear to be seeing lots of this recently. Passing on the correct shoulder is very dangerous particularly when you're passing a large truck or RV although I realize that many of us are in a hurry.

It's not possible to see what's occurring on the left side of the automobile so that you've got no means of knowing if someone over there's abruptly made a decision to switch lanes half way past a truck or RV. The driver of the vehicle that is bigger may or might not see you in time. The motorist is just thinking of preventing an injury and you, being on the correct part of the vehicle that is bigger, are asking for tons of issues. A bit turns to the right to provide a little more to the motorist on the left room and you also find yourself in the ditch or under the trailer tires if it's a large truck you're in a rush to get around. I am able to guarantee you, trailer tires can make lots of damage to any car. Please don't do this. Till you get to the exit ramp remain behind the vehicle or await clearance to go to the left lane and pass on the left where it's not dangerous.

You should keep the vehicle before you as well as a 7 second space involving you. You need to even be looking 15 seconds ahead of you at all times if possible. The best way to understand you're being safe in following space would be to locate something the vehicle before you passes then begin counting one one thousand, two one thousand, etc. You need to pass the exact same thing in the seven one thousand count. This will definitely mean you respond to them have enough room to view the brake lights and use the brakes in your car or truck. This also means you will not rear end the vehicle in front of you. Additionally, it may mean that, since your family is essential to you personally, you're being safe and considerate of others whose family is additionally significant to them.

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Touring student travel abroad, security and roadtrip planning

It's no solution that after young adults holiday alcohol intake, using their buddies is partying and large may be the main past-time. However, using the sad catastrophe of the demise while on holiday in Aruba of Natalee Holloway, it's essential for young adults to maintain secure while. Reckless drinking isn't the only real problem associated with hazardous journey; there are many secure travel ideas that require while touring to make sure your security to be considered.

Whether you are traveling abroad to London, spending Florida, on South Padre Island or going for a summer roadtrip to Vegas, Nevada, it's very important to maintain aware and secure of your surroundings all the time. By maintaining a few issues in your mind and pursuing just a couple, little travel ideas, you are able to ensure that you've a good time and that your holiday moves smoothly.

Basic travel tips:
Knowing your limits

Hangovers aren't the one thing you have to be worried about when partying; binge drinking can result in black-outs alcohol poisoning, as well as worse - death. Most of all however, liquor clouds your view seriously and makes choices and poor circumstances appear okay. Attempt to check your liquor intake and also these traveling along with your liquor use. This brings me towards the next principle: the Buddy-System.

Buddy System

Recall these morning pal checks in the nearby pool? The pal program, it's tried and tested and it works. Wherever you opt for your pals be it a membership, the pub, the beach or perhaps a celebration, monitor one another. Attempt to remain together all the time. Really it doesn't often occur and individuals get separated. You choose to proceed your personal methods, that is not suggested or should you get divided, attempt to sign in so or with one another atleast every time. If you FAIL to find one another additionally, plan forward a gathering location. It's very important to stay together with your friends or close all the time by them. For men, if you discover yourself in a battle, you've your pals there to assist out you. For women, if you should be getting unwanted advances, your girls exist to assist you out-of an unwanted condition.